MIASA offers both public lecture series as well as individual guest lectures. The MIASA Public Lecture Series are organized by Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups (IFGs) in collaboration with partner institutes at the University of Ghana. Each series is dedicated to a particular topic, which is discussed by the fellows of the individual IFGs from the point of view of their disciplines and research areas. The MIASA Public Lecture series are primarily directed to faculty, students and non-academic staff of the University of Ghana but also open to the wider public.


Academic Year 2019/20, 1st Term:

MIASA Public Lecture Series on "Parliaments and Democracy in Africa" (IFG 2 Lecture Series) in collaboration with the Department of Political Science

9 October 2019

The Cabinet Appointment Process in Ghana and the Implications for Gender Parity

Prof. Gretchen Bauer, University of Delaware

16 October 2019

Elite Power-sharing, Political Instability and the Allocation of Ministerial Posts in Africa

Daniel Wigmore-Shepherd, University of Sussex

23 October 2019 The relationship between the majority and minority divide of the Ghanaian parliament and democratic governance in Ghana

Dr. Seidu Alidu, University of Ghana

6 November 2019

Parliamentary Primaries and Democracy in Africa: Empirical Evidence of Candidate Selection and Nomination 

Dr. Gbensuglo Alidu Bukari, University of Education Winneba

13 November 2019

Just Add Women? Gender and Parliamentary Committees Across Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr. Susan Dodsworth, University of Birmingham

20 November 2019

Doing Democracy on the Margins: Rural Councilors and their Political Programmes

Dr. Matthew Sabbi, University of Bayreuth

27 November 2019

“We disagree on politics, but we eat together” – The parliament as a social space in Ghana, Togo, and Sierra Leone

Dr. Anja Osei, University of Konstanz


Previous Public Lecture Series:

MIASA Public Lecture Series on "Migration, Mobility, and Forced Displacement" (IFG 1 Lecture Series) in collaboration with the Centre for Migration Studies (CMS)