MIASA Virtual Public Lecture Series of the Academic Year 2020/21 2nd Term


MIASA Public Lecture Series

Academic Year 2020/21, 2nd Term:

Tuesday, 3:00pm-4:30pm (UTC) via zoom

The Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA) hosts a Public Lecture Series highlighting

its fellows in residence at the University of Ghana. The lectures are free and open to the public.


2 March

Andrea Cassatella

Beyond the Secular: Jacques Derrida and the Theologico-Political Complex


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5EtfuqpqjspH9XZL2rVez8EfqWPRM5OIW2P

9 March

Sybille N. Nyeck

Gender, Vulnerability and the Political Economy of Government Outsourcing in Africa


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5IscOCgpjgrEtHWk8U-i9rPsdQjTw0sC9cx

16 March

Aidas Sanogo

Land Conflicts in Bouaké, Côte d’Ivoire: the (In)convenient Gray Zone


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5EqduCgqjMrH9HRb9S-UmloGiKcVB5Gr_4I

30 March

Emily McGiffin

Gender and Biopolitics in the Poetry of Nontsizi Mgqwetho


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5ckceiuqz4pGNaTIl4YNqu_EMTbx2MQprI5

13 April

Louis Boakye-Yiadom

Internal Migration in Ghana: Identifying the Migrant and an Examination of Prevalence and Patterns between 2013 and 2017


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5csc-ysqj0pEtJ4XC3JJCU-cfPDDJ5EoyVy

27 April

Nontsasa Nako 

Monumental Failure: Forgetting the Victims of the Life Esidimeni Tragedy


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u50scuCrpzsrE91X25Ni8NGyQcQWWDuP9Ved

18 May

Christal Spel

Rethinking Immigration Governance in the Contemporary Context of Collaboration and Integration in Africa


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5IucempqTIoHd2IQqfRWvFVUyu0Hogflm-w

25 May

Florian Stoll 

New Urbanism, New “Middle Classes” – New Policies in Africa? Some Observations from Contemporary Kenya


Please register: https://uni-freiburg.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5EodO-rqzosE9EXL0gFjMHNziQOyXHVEI5p