MIASA Working Papers


The MIASA Working Papers series serves to disseminate the research results of work in progress prior to publication in order to encourage the exchange of ideas and academic debate. The objective of the series is to publish research findings from the work of the MIASA Interdisciplinary Fellow Groups (IFGs) as well as from MIASA Tandem and Individual fellows immediately in an open-access manner. Inclusion of a paper in the MIASA Working Paper Series does not constitute publication and should not limit publication in any other venue. Copyright remains with the authors.

Available Downloads:

MIASA Working Paper 2023(1). Musa Ibrahim, Nadine Sieveking, Yunus Dumbe, Issouf Binaté & Mariama Zaami. 2023. Religious Diversity and Modes of Coexistence in Urban West Africa.

MIASA Working Paper 2023(2). Gertrude Aba Mansah Eyifa -Dzidzienyo, Stefanie Michels, Kokou Azamede, Martin Doll & Jakob Zollmann. 2023. Restitution, Return, Repatriation and Reparation (the 4Rs) in Africa: Reality or Transcultural Aphasia?

MIASA Working Paper 2022(1). Oluwatosin Edafe, Evans Osabuohien & Romanus Osabohien. 2022. Large-scale Agricultural Investments and Female Employment in Nigerian Communities.

MIASA Working Paper 2022(2). Maya Turolla & Lisa Hoffmann. 2022. 'The cake is in Accra': a case study on internal migration in Ghana.

MIASA Working Paper 2022(3). John Kwame Boateng. 2022. Perspectives on access to and control over land, livelihood, and agricultural production outcomes in three districts with land investments in Ghana.

MIASA Working Paper 2022(4). Rasmus H. Pedersen. 2022. Towards a political economy of renewable energy in Ghana: A review.

MIASA Working Paper 2021(1). Susan Dodsworth, Seidu Alidu, Gretchen Bauer & Gbensuglo Alidu Bukari. 2021. Parliamentary primaries in Ghana’s National Democratic Congress:Explaining reforms to candidate selection and their impact.

MIASA Working Paper 2020(1). Thomas Yeboah, Leander Kandilige, Amanda Bisong, Faisal Garba & Joseph Kofi Teye. 2020. Same Policy But Different Implications for Different People?

MIASA Working Paper 2019(1). Bauder, Harald. 2019. Urban Sanctuary and Solidarity in a Global Context: How Does Africa Contribute to the Debate? 

MIASA Working Paper 2019(2). Bisong, Amanda. 2019. “Acting together”: How Non-State Actors shape migration policies in West Africa.

MIASA Working Paper 2019(3). Kleist, Nauja & Bjarnesen, Jesper. 2019. Migration Infrastructures in West Africa and Beyond.

MIASA Working Paper 2019(4). Landau, Loren B. 2019. Temporality, informality, & translocality in Africa’s urban archipelagos.