The University Of Ghana Inter-Hall Freshmen Debate Championship (IFDC) 2018

The University of Ghana Inter-Hall Freshmen Debate Championship is slated to commence from Friday, 19th to 26th October, 2018. The preliminary stage and the semifinals will be held at the Chemistry and Physics Departments with the finals at the Great Hall.
The Freshmen Debate Championship which is under the auspices of the Sports Directorate is an annual debate and public speaking championship which seek to introduce freshmen to debate in the university and as well identify new talents for the University’s Debate Society.
System of Debate  
The championship uses the British Parliamentary System of debate, with four teams- two on either side of government and opposition. After a motion is released, fifteen minutes of preparation time is allowed after which the debate commences. Public Speaking is another category of the event, where speakers speak on randomly chosen topics.
Training for Freshmen
Due to the relatively technical nature of the debate system, freshmen have over the past four weeks undergone full-scale training sessions with the Debate Coach, Mr. Antonio Edem Asinyo and other designated Hall Trainers and their representatives.
Strong Territory for New Halls
The freshmen debate championship for the past four years had three out of four winners from the new halls on campus (Elizabeth Frances Sey 2015 & 2017 and Hilla Limann 2016). Elizabeth Sey did the double in 2017 winning both debate and public speaking.
The Director of Sports, Dr. Bella Bello Bitugu during the last finals called for more assistance for the relatively newer halls in breaking new ground. In this vein, the Debate Coach and the Debate Society have invested a lot more in debate training and coordination for the new halls, particularly African Union, United Nations, Bani and J.T.N. Yankah.