The University of Ghana was founded in 1948 as the University College of Gold Coast in the then British Colonies. In 1961, it became a fully-fledged University with the power to award its own degrees. It is the oldest and largest University in Ghana with a current population of 40,000 students. It is a member of the International Association of Universities (IAU), the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), and a member of the League of World Universities (which comprise 47 renowned research universities all over the world). The University has established academic and research links with several universities worldwide.


The mission of the University of Ghana is “to develop world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination”.



The University of Ghana Sports Directorate (UGSD) was established in 2005 to take over from the Amalgamated Sports Club system of managing sports in the University. In 2009 the first Director of UGSD was appointed. The upgrading of the University’s sports section is consistent with the University’s corporate strategic plan which seeks to transform and professionalize human resource practices and review governance for effective and efficient management.  Subsequently, a University of Ghana Sports Advisory Board (UGSAB) was constituted under the Chairmanship of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Academic/Student Affairs. Alongside the UGSAB, a Sports Management Committee was formed and is headed by the Director of UGSD. The Sports Management Committee is responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating all sporting activities of the University community, namely Senior Members, Students and Junior/Senior Staff. The UGSD is the delivery arm of the Sports Management Committee. 


The mission of the University of Ghana Sports Directorate seeks "to enhance the fitness, health, well-being and holistic development of students, staff and the University Community, through participation in worthwhile sporting and recreational activities, and endeavor to become the leader for change in the academic discipline and profession of Sports, in partnership with relevant stakeholders".