Sustainable Development Of African Sports

The project commenced in October 2011 after a successful funding bid from the Leverhulme Trust. The project is expected to end in September, 2014. The project addresses three research objectives:

  • To understand how sustainability is conceptualized by indigenous and overseas agencies that contribute to sport-for-development interventions in Tanzania and Ghana
  • To learn about the factors that support or hinder the achievement of sustainability in Tanzanian and Ghanaian sport-for-development interventions
  • To capture evidence regarding the achievement (or otherwise) of sustainable outcomes within Tanzanian and Ghanaian sport-for-development interventions

In Ghana, the University of Ghana (Sports Directorate) and University for Development Studies are the two leading institutions undertaking the research while other partnering institutions are Edge Hill University (United Kingdom), Monash University (Australia) and University of Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania). The first publication of the project was published in November 2012.