The University of Ghana Sports Directorate has organised an interaction with student-athletes. Students and staff of the Sports Directorate attended the meeting. The goal of the session was to provide a platform for students to engage the Management of the  Sports Directorate on issues concerning sports at the University of Ghana.

                                                                     Students seated and listening attentively

Welcoming the student-athletes, the Senior Assistant Registrar of the Directorate, Mr. Augustine Amissare urged the student-athletes to find a good balance between their academic work and training to enable them to realise their full potential in sports. He continued that the Sports Directorate had their welfare at heart so they should do their bit to ensure that they are able to achieve their dreams. He expressed his gratitude for the student-athletes' commitment and dedication to their respective sports and acknowledged their achievements thus far.

                                   Mr. Augustine Amissare, Senior Assistant Registrar of the Directorate

He emphasized the importance of discipline, teamwork, and commitment to training. The student-athletes were encouraged to set personal goals and work towards them. He assured the student-athletes of the support of the Sports Directorate in their endeavour to achieve excellence.

The Head Coach, Mr. Henry Nii Sackey gave an overview of the last semester’s sporting activities with special mention and recognition for students who excelled in their various disciplines.  He shared recent updates and accomplishments of the Directorate, including team victories, individual achievements, and upcoming tournaments and competitions. He also highlighted changes or improvements made to facilities, equipment, and staff.

                               Mr. Henry Nii Sackey, Head Coach

The interaction gave the student-athletes an opportunity to give their feedback and concerns to the Directorate. They were assured that the Directorate will take steps to work on their their concerns and suggestions for the good of the athletes. This exchange of ideas fostered a sense of trust and collaboration between the athletes and the Sports Directorate.

                                                             Issah Eliasu Akalogire, A Level 200 Handball Player

Management thanked the student-athletes for their attendance and participation in the interaction. They reiterated their commitment to supporting the student-athletes in their sporting endeavours and academic pursuits. Management emphasised the importance of ongoing communication and encouraged the athletes to approach them with any further concerns or ideas.

The interaction concluded on a positive note, with student athletes feeling motivated and reassured of the Sports Directorate's dedication to their development. This interaction served as a valuable platform for open dialogue and laid the foundation for a collaborative and successful relationship between the Sports Directorate and student athletes.