Reopening of Gymnasium and Swimming Pool

Management of the Sports Directorate wishes to inform the University community and public that the Gymnasium and Swimming Pool is opened.
The Sports Directorate has put in place Covid-19 protocols to ensure the safety of all clients accessing and using the facilities and will ensure adherence to these protocols. The Directorate hopes to serve you much better when you visit the facilities. 
Classes shall be booked ahead via the online registration link below, and a limited number will be admitted at a time. 
The following measures shall be adhered to: 

  • No proper wearing of Mask, No Entry 
  • Proper handwashing before entry 
  • Observe social distancing 
  • No hanging around after workout 
  • Only 10 gym users shall have access to the weight room for 1 hour at any time 
  • Only 15 gym users shall be allowed into a class each time in the exercise room 
  • Only 20 persons shall have access to the pool during every lesson hour 
  • Only 50 persons shall be allowed 2 hours swim time each during leisure swimming 

For further assistance, kindly call the following numbers: 
0274088050 / 0543563856