Welcome Note from Pro Vice-Chancellor

Professor Gordon Akanzuwine Awandare

Pro-Vice Chancellor, Academic and Student Affairs (ASA)


The Office of the Pro-VC ASA has the responsibility of providing effective academic leadership in Teaching and Learning (T&L), which is critical to UG’s drive to attain world class status.  Thus, our team mandate is to provide a world-class T&L ecosystem that promotes academic excellence and development of the next generation of leaders by enhancing the physical, intellectual, and technological environment in UG.  Under the leadership and vision of the Vice Chancellor, we are working with Provosts, Deans and Directors of all affiliated units to implement strategic objectives that will modernize the T&L environment, vastly increase the efficiency of academic management processes, enhance the quality of intellectual interactions at all levels, and improve UG’s global competitiveness as an institution of higher learning.

We welcome feedback and suggestions to help us improve our services and provide innovative solutions to improve the T&L experience of faculty members, students and all stakeholders.