1. What are the processes for applying for the following leaves?

a. Leave of Absence:  Leave of absence always comes without pay. Leave of absence may be granted on application for an approved purpose.

Leave of absence shall be for up to two years in the first instance and, may in exceptional cases, be renewed for up to a period of two years.

b. Study Leave:  Study leave is granted to staff who have finished serving his/her probationary period.   Leave may be granted on application for an approved purpose.

Staff requesting for an extension of study leave must give at least three month’s prior notice.  The application should state the work that has been carried out so far, as well as what remains to be completed and the time within which the remainder of the project is expected to be finished.

c. Sabbatical Leave: One-year sabbatical leave with pay may be granted after six years continuous service without study leave. And a two-year sabbatical leave with pay may be granted after ten years continuous service without study leave.

d. Part-time Study Leave may be granted with pay, provided the application has the support of the Dean and the Head of Department.  The applicant and his/her Head of Department would be required to ensure that his schedule or work is not interfered with.

  • A Senior Member who intends to take any of the above leave must notify the Head of Department giving at least six months’ notice. 
  • All application must have forwarding letters from HOD, Dean, and Provost of the respective Colleges.
  • All Study/Sabbatical should include a statement of what the applicant intends to do.
  • You may the university’s website for more information


 2. What are the processes for a Staff to get accommodation on Campus?

a. Vacant houses are advertised through the intranet for all staff to apply.  The Pro Vice-Chancellor (ASA), Chairs the Housing Committee. Senior Members and staff who falls within the entitled staff category, that is (Principal (SS2) to Professor (SM1) qualify to apply for a house when it is advertised.  Similarly, Junior and Senior Staff vacant houses are also advertised.

b. Accommodation is won by the points system which are accumulated by the Housing Officer.


 3. What does Grade Entry or Grade Change involve?

Lecturers are mandated to enter grades of students in each class within a stipulated time. Any lecturer who misses the deadline for grade entry must apply for approval from the Pro VC (ASA), through the Head of Department and the Dean, stating cogent reasons.  Grade change is approved by the Dean and such request must have the approval from the Head of Department.  In both cases, there must be valid reasons for the request.


4. Booking of Appointment. 

Staff wishing to see the Pro VC (ASA), must book an appointment at the Secretariat. The secretary will call to confirm the allotted time to them for a meeting with the Pro VC.