1. How does the University admit students? 

The University of Ghana advertises both undergraduate and graduate admission in December. Applicants have to purchase the admission vouchers from accredited banks.  The forms must be filled and submit online.


  1. How can a student request for a transcript, attestation, reference letter, etc?

A Student can request for these from the Academic Affairs Directorate.


  1. How are issues on registration and extension of payment of fees resolved and what processes are involved? 

The University is guided by the academic calendar drawn for every academic year.  Deadline for registration forms part of the calendar and students are expected to go by it. 


  1. The Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Director, Academic Affairs in consultation with the Pro VC (ASA), may extend deadlines for academic registration. A student who does not meet the deadline defers his/her programme of study for two semesters.  Graduate and undergraduate students who wish to defer his/her studies must send a written request to the Dean of the School of Graduate Student or Director of Academic Affairs Directorate respectively.


  1. What is the duration of study for undergraduate programmes?  

The duration for undergraduate programmes is normally four years (comprising eight semesters).  However, a student may defer his/her programme for a year (two semesters). 


  1. Can a student who could not graduate within the four years still continue with his/her programme of study? 

Section 9.10 (d) of the regulations under the duration of study programme provides that “under exceptional circumstance, a student who is unable to complete his/her programme within the maximum period specified, may be allowed up to four additional semesters to complete his/her programme on a fee-paying basis.”