I heartily welcome all freshers to the beautiful and interesting campus of the University of Ghana.  This University is among the topmost universities in both Africa and the world.  As such, you should feel privileged to be a part of this noble academic institution.  The university is a principal agent for development in Ghana, Africa and the world through our teaching, research, innovation and outreach programmes..  Our faculty, staff, and alumni have become synonymous with progress; influencing social, economic, political and technological innovation.

Campus life is an integral part of the University of Ghana educational experience.  It is enriched by the diversity of students and faculty across the globe, engaging academic and practical activities, recreation and socialization, vibrant student governance and creative networking. 


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This comes to appeal to all Heads and Deans to remind the executives of the departmental associations on th

In consultation with Management of Pine Spring Limited (Legon Botanical Gardens).

At a meeting with the Dean of Student Affairs and JCR Presidents of the various halls of residence, it was