Welcome Message

Welcome to the Department of Earth Science (formerly Department of Geology). We are the only University Department in Ghana where Geologists are trained. We offer a variety of courses and programs in the broad field of Earth Science, building on our several years of experience. The department has played a pioneering role in the development of the Geology of Ghana and Africa. We have a diverse faculty covering the broad spectrum of programs and specializations we offer as a department. They are among the best in their fields.

The department’s faculty are well published in their fields and have been copiously cited by their peers all over the world. If you are interested in a career in Earth Science, our department offers you some of the best opportunities. The student experience in the department is awesome. By combining regular classroom sessions with daily and inter-semester field trips, we offer some of the exhilarating student experiences available anywhere.

We have the largest and most diverse geological museum in Ghana. Our diverse industry stakeholders offer opportunities for internships at all levels on the graduate and undergraduate programs. On an annual basis, the department holds career fairs which provide platforms for all industry stakeholders to converge and interact with students on career opportunities. Such programs offer avenues for industries to identity and nurture talents.

I invite you to browse through our programs and the diverse specializations of our staff. You will soon be convinced that our department offers the best possible options you will need for a career in the Earth Sciences.

The Department of Earth Science currently offers undergraduate program with three options, namely; BSc in Earth Science (Geology); BSc in Earth Science (Applied Geology); BSc in Earth Science (Applied Geophysics)

Prof. Larry Pax Chegbeleh

(Head of Department)