Departmental Projects

Major Departmental Research Project(s)

  •  Stratigraphy, Provenance, diagenesis and reservoir quality of the Voltaian Supergroup
  •  Petrogenetic and Tectonic Evolution of the Buem Structural Unit within the Dahomeyide Orogen.
  •  Palynology, Palynofacies, and Source Rock Evaluation (Organic Geochemistry) of sediments from wells in the Tano and Tano Basins
  •  Groundwater Resources Development for Sustainable Agriculture in the White Volta Basin (funded by DANIDA) – Principal Investigator
  •  Evaluation of the impacts of variations in local weather and anthropogenic activities on groundwater level fluctuations in the Akyem area of the Pra Basin
  •  Mineralogical and Geochemical evidences for base metal mineralisation in Southwestern Ghana.
  •  Geochronological and Hf-isotope of granitoids in the Paleoproterozoic Suhum basin, South-eastern Ghana, West Africa
  •  Geochemical and Isotopic studies of metavolcanics rocks and mafic enclaves from the Paleoproterozoic Lawra and Sefwi Birimian terranes, SE West African Craton, Ghana
  •  Geochronological, Geochemical and isotopic studies on granitoids in the Bole-Nangodi belt of northern Ghana
  •  Evaluation of the temporal fluctuations in the position of the freshwater-saline water interface – The Keta Basin, Ghana
  •  Provenance of shales and sandstones and depositional processes of estuarine sediments along the coastline of Ghana.
  •  Basin stratigraphic relationships, metallogeny, petrography, geochronology and geochemistry and paleogeographic reconstruction of West Africa
  •  Formation, structural and alteration controls on hydrothermal gold deposits in West Africa.
  •  Fluid inclusion studies on mineralizing systems in the West African Craton.
  •  Petrogenesis and geochemistry of Paleoproterozoic Birimian rocks in the Bui belt of Ghana.
  •  Search for potential meteorites in the Bawku area of the Upper East Eegion of Ghana.
  •  Preserved ocean-continental transition ophiolite in the Pan-African Dahomeyide orogeny, Ghana