Facilities and Equipment

Over the past 8 years, the department has benefitted from several Government of Ghana assistance. This has led to the expansion of the department’s infrastructure and has thus enhanced capacity for effective teaching and research. Through the joint support of the GETfund and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, the department is putting up a two storey extension comprising over 14 offices for lecturers, teaching laboratories, lecture theatres, and storage facilities. 

The department has also taken delivery of and ICP-MS and ancillary facilities, provided by the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources of the Government of Ghana. The department has also taken delivery of several geophysical equipment and microscopes for research in the major specializations of the department. The department, with assistance from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources, is currently procuring a modern Scanning Electron Microscope and its ancillary facilities for research and student training. With support from DANIDA, the department is taking delivery of a modern Liquid Water Isotope Analyzer. There is a well field donated by past students of the department, for training in hydrogeology at the graduate and undergraduate levels. This is in addition to two field stations in Anloga in the Volta Region and Nsawam in the Eastern Region where the department has hydrometric stations. The department has a groundwater monitoring system in the Nasia sub-catchment of the White Volta Basin in Northern Ghana.

The following are the facilities available for graduate and undergraduate training in the department.

Facility/Equipment Description
Offices for Lecturers 16 Offices for Lecturers in the old building and over 28 offices in a new building being completed (this will be ready before the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year)
Teaching Space Two 40-seater classrooms sufficiently equipped for graduating level teaching and laboratory sessions; 12 large (up to 100 seats) lecture rooms and labs in the new building being completed.
Teaching support facilities
  • Four (4) LCDs installed to facilitate teaching;
  • Four (4) high capacity laptops equipped with modelling software and other demonstration material to support teaching;
  • One (1) digital plotter;
  • One (1) large photocopier;
  • Three (3) printers;
  • One (1) scanner
Microscopes 16 Modern petrographic microscopes for advanced level teaching and research
Analytical Equipment
  • Scanning Electron Microscope;

Inductively-Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrograph; X-Ray Refractometer

  • Liquid Water Stable Isotope Analyser
Geological Laboratory Preparation Laboratory
  • Modern Rock Crusher and Rock cutting machine
  • Fully equipped and functional rock thin-section preparatory equipment;
  • Sieves of various dimensions and a shaker
  • Chemical Balances;
  • Centrifuge
  • Hot plate
Remote Sensing & Aerial Photography Laboratory
  • 22 Stereoscopes;
  • 15 high capacity computers with appropriate software
Practical Teaching support Kits
  • Fully logged diamond drill cores for practical lessons
  • Geological Museum with exhibits of diverse geological materials – the largest geological museum in Ghana
Field Vehicles
  • 60-Seater TATA bus for fieldwork
  • 33-Seater Civilian Bus for fieldwork
  • 2 Landcruiser 4WDs
  • 1 Nissan Patrol
Field Stations
  • Groundwater monitoring system in the Nasia Basin;
  • Hydrometric station in the Keta Basin
Practical Teaching support Kits
  • EC, pH, Temperature, Salinity kits
  • 2 boreholes for practical sessions in the Department
  • Digital Water Level Meters (3)
  • 1.5HP, 2.0HP pumps and generators for pumping tests
  • Fully logged diamond drill cores for practical lessons
Geophysical Equipment
  • ABEM SAS 4000 Terrameter
  • EM-34
  • Geophysical borehole logging equipment with probes for resistivity, spontaneous potential, and gamma
Computer Laboratory & IT support Infrastructure
  • 20-Seater computer laboratory with state-of-the-art modelling software
  • Broadband internet access in lecture rooms, library, and all offices
(Numerical) Modelling Software
  • Groundwater Modelling System (Version 10) – available to all enrolled students on the Hydrogeology Program;
  • Watershed Modelling System, WMS (Version 10) – available to all students enrolled on the Hydrogeology Program
  • Geostatistics +
  • Surfer 11