This comes to appeal to all Heads and Deans to remind the executives of the departmental associations on the following:

  1. Associations are to renew their registration with the office of the Dean of Student Affairs before they can operate at the beginning of every academic year.
  2. All dues need to be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs. Departmental Association dues for 2021/2022 academic year if any should not be beyond Ten cedi (GHC 6.00) and should not be associated with Departmental registration.
  3. Souvenirs are not to be made compulsory. Student leaders should desist from entering into any contractual agreement to produce souvenirs for next academic year that will be charged to students.

We are counting on your usual cooperation to help reduce the financial burden on students and parents at the beginning of every academic year.

When in doubt, kindly refer to the office for clarifications.