Duties of the Dean of Student Affairs

The Dean of Student Affairs shall be responsible , under the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Academic) for:

  • the counselling and placement of students;

  • the provision of chaplaincy services through the Chaplaincy Board to students and other members of the Univeristy

  • the resolution of conflict between students and halls and hostels of residence as well as conflicts involving students outside of halls and hostels

  • making representation to the University about ways of enhancing the quality of student's life

  • ensuring that maintenance of cordial relations among the various student groups and the student body as a whole, to ensure  that they obtain maximum benefit from their University experience

  • ensuring the orderly organisation of student's activities within the university

  • providing leadership to all bodies and activities that promote the well-being of students of the University including the Student's Representative Council (SRC), the legon branch of Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), and the Guidance and Placement Center;

  • overseeing the formation of students associations;

  • working with student groups and the Sports Directorate in developing extra-curricula programmes and activities of the university;

  • co-ordinating with the groups to encourage the participation of students in the activities that promote personal growth and development of students;

  • encouraging the development of a student culture that encourages exercise of leadership, respect for diversity and the traditions of the University, and responsibility for personal actions;

  • ensuring that any disciplinary actions imposed on any student(s) by the recognised authority of the University are compiled with;

  • giving permission to students to go on protest  marches and demonstrations whether within or outside the University;