Chido Mutangadura


Dr Chido Mutangadura is a member of the Interdisciplinary Fellowship Group 9 (IFG 9). Her research focusses on peace and human security developments in sub-Saharan Africa, focusing on security sector reform, conflict prevention, preventive diplomacy, peacebuilding post-conflict reconstruction and development, governance, regionalism, and foreign policy. Dr Mutangadura is currently a Senior Fellow at the United Nations University- Centre for Policy Research where she is co-leading research under an XCEPT Research Fund award titled Toward a Peacekeeper Diversity Index: Evaluating the Relative Effectiveness of Peace Support Personnel Gender, Origin, and Status on Cross Border Conflict De-Escalation. She previously worked at Centre for the Advancement of Non-Racialism and Democracy and the Institute of Security Studies. She holds a Doctorate in Conflict Management from Nelson Mandela University where she specialized in the role of intergovernmental organizations in promoting citizen participation in political violence prevention processes in Africa.

Interdisciplinary Fellow Group on Sustainable regional peacebuilding (IFG 9)

The project examines how professionals and experts in the AU and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) understand the concept of sustainable regional peacebuilding. Hence the project examines how sustainability is understood in firstly in the context interlinkages between the different peacebuilding strategies and approaches. Secondly the project examines how the interlinkages between AU/ECOWAS policy makers to bilateral and multilateral partners inform African conceptualizations of regional peacebuilding sustainability. 

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Senior Fellow IFG 9, August - December 2023