The Provost of the College of Humanities Visits MIASA


The Provost of the College of Humanities, Professor Daniel Ofori, has paid a working visit to MIASA, as  part of a round of familiarization visits to units within the College.

The MIASA Directors, Prof. Charlotte Wrigley-Asante and Dr. Susann Baller, who welcomed  the Provost thanked him for his support and regular participation in MIASA's major academic events.

The Provost in his remarks, emphasized the importance of an international and interdisciplinary research institute such as MIASA at the University of Ghana, and the networking opportunities with the academic world it creates especially for early career researchers.

The Directors indicated that while MIASA has already become internationally visible within the first three years since its launch, another future objective is to further attract young researchers from UG to get involved with MIASA.

The Directors conducted  the Provost round  MIASA’s facilities after a working session which discussed past and future activities, challenges and chances.

The Provost reiterated his continuing support and pledged to assist MIASA achieve their objectives.