Conference: Restitution, Return, Repatriation and Reparation (The 4Rs) in Africa: Reality or Transcultural Aphasia?


13-14 December 2021 at University of Ghana

Organizers: Interdisciplinary Fellow Group "The 4 Rs in Africa: Reality or Transcultural Aphasia?" (IFG 5)

This was the closing workshop of an international Fellow Group at MIASA (University of Ghana). The aim of the group was to open up the dichotomous visions of the restitution debate by focusing on a case study: an active restitution request by the Chiefs and people of Akpini (Kpando) to the German Ethnological Museum in Berlin/Germany. The group’s aim was to move the material debate about the 4R from a practical to an epistemological level. How can we do justice to the plurality of narratives and agendas put forward in a concrete case? Who are the stakeholders? In which contexts and what kind of agendas is the restitution issue voiced? Who are the respective audiences of these voices?  At this closing workshop, scholars from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds were invited in order to place the case study in the dynamic field of the 4R and the restitution debate as a whole.