LNGS 301: Introduction to Phonology

The course introduces students to how speech sounds are organised across languages. It deals
with the identification of distinctive sounds, the combination of these sounds into unique
patterns and the changes that take place when sounds are combined. Data...

LNGS 204: Languages in Ghana

This course provides an overview of the language situation in Ghana, within the context of the
West African sub-region. It aims to give students a working knowledge of the genetic and
typological groupings of languages spoken in Ghana. Issues of language...

LNGS 203: Introduction to Morphology

In this course, we will consider what morphology is and its place in relation to other areas of
linguistics such as phonology and syntax. The course will also examine certain morphological
phenomena found among the world‘s languages. Topics to be...

LNGS 202: Introduction to Syntax

The goal of the course is to introduce students to the general principles that underlie how
words are combined into larger syntactic units. The course deals with the arrangement of
words into phrases, clauses and sentences as well as how languages differ...

LNGS 201: Phonetics

The course introduces students to phonetics as a branch of Linguistics. It focuses on the
mechanisms behind the production of speech sounds. It also deals with the description,
classification and transcription of speech sounds. It will further provide...

LNGS 102: Structure of English Words

The goal of this course is to help students expand their vocabulary. It looks at the structure of
English words with classical roots. It examines some of the common roots and the
morphological rules that determine the combination of such roots, and rules...

LNGS 101: Introduction to Linguistics


This course is an introduction to the discipline of linguistics, the scientific study of human language. Students will learn that linguistics is a multi-disciplinary subject that involves the humanities, social, biological...

LING 417: Language and Law

The course examines notions of meaning and usage that are exploited in the legal field. Its
main focus is on language as a tool for understanding legal matters. As part of the course, a
number of actual legal cases that illustrate the various linguistic...

GHLS 707: Terminology and Language Engineering

This course exposes students to issues and the major principles guiding terminology development as part of language engineering. It aims at equipping students with the techniques for developing terms for linguistics, the media, health, science, economics,...

GHLS 706: Advanced Trends in Ghanaian Language Studies

This is designed to provide students the opportunity to engage with current developments in Ghanaian languages. Topics to be discussed will, therefore, be determined by new trends in Ghanaian language studies. Some of the major areas will be language and...