Welcome to the Department of Linguistics

The Department of Linguistics is one of the oldest on the African continent, established in 1964. It has over the decades been a center for teaching and research into all aspects of Ghanaian languages as well as linguistic theory. Our research spans all core areas of linguistics as well as many applied areas. Coming from a highly multi-lingual society, we study diverse languages which fall into two subgroups (Gur and Kwa) within the Niger-Congo family. These include Buli, Dagaare, Dagbani, Gurunε (Gur) and Akan, Ewe, Ga (Kwa). In addition to these major languages, our students and faculty have studied a number of under described languages such as Dεg, Efutu, Gikyode, Gua, Kaakyi, Lεtε Sεlεε and Tafi. Our weekly research seminar series provides a platform for the dissemination of our research findings and allows for a critique of such. We have developed courses in the linguistics of these languages as well as general courses in core and applied areas of linguistics at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We encourage you to explore our site and acquaint yourself with the various programmes of study in the department, the range of courses we teach and the variety of research that faculty members are engaged in. We welcome you for discussions on points of mutual interest. 

Dr. J. A. N. Saanchi

(Head, Department of Linguistics)