LNGS 316: Second Language Acquisition and Learning

The course examines theories of second language acquisition and learning and current issues in
the field. Socio-cultural, cognitive and personality variables affecting second language
learning will be examined. Topics include: creative construction,...

LNGS 314: Discourse Analysis

This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the tools for text
analysis and evaluation. By the end of the course, students should be confident in analyzing
and evaluating a wide variety of written and spoken texts. Topics...

LNGS 312: Introduction to Translation Theory

This course is meant to introduce students to the principles of translating from one language to
another. Students will be exposed to variations in the connotative and figurative use of words
across languages, which are necessary for doing translation in...

LNGS 311: Child Language Development

This course is designed to introduce students to theories that explain how and when children
achieve proficiency in the language they are exposed to without receiving deliberate instruction
in the rules of language. Students will be required to design and...

LNGS 309: Sociolinguistics

This course is designed to help students (a) gain insight into the social dynamics of language
use and (b) understand certain basic concepts and issues in sociolinguistics. Topics include:
definition and scope of sociolinguistics, linguistic varieties,...

LNGS 308: Ethnography of Speaking

This course discusses the social and cultural norms governing communication in general,
dwelling on Dell Hymes‘ advocacy for the study of language beyond grammar. Topics
discussed include: linguistic relativity, linguistic determinism, cultural...

LNGS 307: Oral Literature

This course surveys various forms of oral literature in Africa, and discusses theories of
composition and aesthetic formations. It will examine the dynamics of form, language, style,
content and performance of verbal genres including: libation poetry,...

LNGS 306: Morphology and Syntax of English

This course is designed to enable students apply the principles of morphology and syntax to the
description and analyses of the English language. Some of the pertinent areas to be covered
include word classes and their morphological and distributional...

LNGS 304: Morphology and Syntax of a Ghanaian language

This course is designed to enable students apply the principles of morphology and syntax to the
description of the words, phrases and sentences of a Ghanaian language (e.g. Akan, Dagaare,
Dagbani, Dangme Ewe, Ga, etc.). It assumes some level of...

LNGS 302: Syntax I

In this course, we will be discussing some of the more recent developments in syntactic
analysis. Students will be expected to know the different lexical and grammatical categories
and their morphological and syntactic behaviours. They will be expected to...