LNGS 419: Advanced Sign Language

The course will build upon what was taught in LNGS 322. It will focus on the syntax and
semantics of sign language at the theoretical level, and on interpreting at the practical level.
There will be two hours of practical work each week during which...

LNGS 418: Psycholinguistics

In this course, students will gain an insight into the relationship between language behaviour
and the psychological processes that underlie it. It examines crucial issues in the interaction
between the brain and language as well as theoretical issues on...

LNGS 416: Language and Literacy

The course deals with theoretical issues involved in the definition of the concept of style.
Current advances in the theory of style will be treated. Topics to be dealt with include the
definition and functions of literature, stylistics and literature,...

LNGS 415: Linguistics and Language Teaching

The course will expose students to the relevance of insights from linguistic research to the
development of methods of language teaching. Various methods of language teaching and
their effectiveness will be explored. Topics to be covered include the Audio...

LNGS 414: Semantics of English

In this course, the basic semantic unit, the proposition, is analysed into a central predicate plus
various participant‘s roles and circumstances, which may be negated. Propositions may be
linked in parallel, in sequence, or with embedding. Other...

LNGS 413: Syntax of English

This course provides students the opportunity to appreciate some of the advanced issues in the
syntax of English. Informed by advances in various theoretical approaches to the structure of
English beyond the word level, the course examines topics such as...

LNGS 412: Semantics of a Ghanaian Language

This course addresses the issue of how meaning is expressed in a Ghanaian language (e.g.
Akan, Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme Ewe, Ga, and Gurenɛ). It provides students with the
knowledge of sense relations. Each of this set of courses concentrates on the...

LNGS 411: Syntax of a Ghanaian Language

This course aims at providing advanced knowledge of the syntactic structures of a particular
Ghanaian language (e.g. Akan, Dagaare, Dagbani, Dangme Ewe, Ga, and Gurenɛ). It assumes
some level of proficiency on the part of students in the language...

LNGS 409: Advanced Theory of Translation

This course exposes students to advanced techniques and principles of translation. It also
examines the assumed co-operation between source author and translator and target receiver, in
relation to coherence and readability. Topics to be covered include...

LNGS 408: Language Planning and Development

The course looks at the orientations and processes of language planning and their relation to
the socio-economic development of a nation. Ghana‘s language situation and the type of
language policy options available and their consequences will be...