LNGS 407: Pidgin and Creole Languages

The course will cover various pidgins and creoles of the world, including those of Haiti,
Jamaica, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Nigeria. It exposes students to theories of their
origin, their socio-cultural significance and their use in the modern...

LNGS 406: Language and Politics

The course deals with the relationship between language and politics. It exposes students to
language and negotiation and the maintenance of political power relations in traditional and
contemporary societies. Topics include the grammar/linguistics and...

LNGS 405: Language in Business

In the fast changing world of the workplace, effective communication has become an essential tool for successful career practice. The idea of this course is to guide students to appreciate the relevant connection between language analysis and the...

LNGS 404: Morphological Theory

This course delves into the various theoretical approaches to the analysis of word structure.
The implications of the approaches for our understanding of the architecture of the grammar
will be assessed. As part of the course, students will be expected to...

LNGS 403: Syntax II

This course is aimed at helping students to acquire advanced knowledge in syntactic analysis
using data from a wide variety of languages and to prepare them for further work in any
syntactic theory. Students may be introduced to any of the competing...

LNGS 402: Semantics

This course will introduce students to some of the basic concepts in the study of meaning in
language and the ways in which meaning is conveyed. Issues in connection with word and
sentence meaning as well as the relationship between sentence structure and...

LNGS 401: Phonological Theory

This course explores theoretical issues that underlie phonological patterns and processes.
Attention is given to various phonological approaches and representations within linear
segmental phonology, Autosegmental Phonology and Optimality Theory. Data...

LNGS 324: Introduction to Research Methods in Linguistics

This course introduces students to the basics of doing linguistic research. It focuses on research
design, data collection methods and analysis. It also deals with practical issues in fieldwork as
well as the ethics of research. Topics include sources of...

LNGS 322: Introduction to Ghanaian Sign Language

The course will introduce students to the phonology and morphology of sign language in
general as well as some practical aspects of Ghanaian Sign Language (GSL). The course will
combine theory with practical work. There will be two hours of practical work...

LNGS 318: Acoustic Phonetics

This course deals with the study of the acoustical properties of speech sounds including the basic
physical principles involved in the generation and propagation of sound energy and the
phenomenon of resonance. It also focuses on an acoustic model of...