FAEN 112: C Programming

History of the C language. Structure of the C Program. Variables Declarations: Global variables, 
type and range of variables, declaration of variables, scope of variables, reading and printing of 
variables. Constants Declarations. The C...

FAEN 109: General Physics

Vibrations: Simple harmonic motion, damped harmonic motion, forced harmonic motion. Waves: 
Wave types, wave phenomena – interference and diffraction. Electricity and Magnetism: 
Coulomb’s law, electric field, Gauss’s law,...

FAEN 108: Basic Electronics

History and overview of electronics from vacuum tubes to large scale integration, including 
reasons for studying electronics, selected important areas of application, role of electronics in 
computer engineering. Semiconductivity: materials and...

FAEN 107: General Chemistry

Atomic Structure: The Schrödinger equation, quantum numbers, solution to the Schrödinger 
equation for one electron atom. Hund’s Rule, Pauli’s and Aufau principles. Periodic properties of 
elements: Overview of general features of S-...

FAEN 106: Applied Electricity

Foundations of electricity: charge, voltage, current, power and energy, computation of power and 
energy for electrical gadgets and household, simple billing calculations. Electricity supply: 
definition and characteristics of AC and DC voltages...

FAEN 105: Engineering Drawing with CAD

Technical Drawing: Introduction to Engineering Drawing, sketching and line techniques, 
geometric constructions, multiview drawings and orthographic projection, auxiliary views, 
descriptive geometry, Engineering Drawing: Dimensioning, sectioning...

FAEN 104: Basic Mechanics II

Branches of dynamics, Rectilinear Motion of Particles, displacement, velocity, acceleration, 
uniformity accelerated motion, relative motion, dependent motions and graphical methods. 
Curvilinear motion of particles; Displacement, velocity,...

FAEN 103: Basic Mechanics I

General principles of mechanics, methods of problem solution, and numerical accuracy. Force 
vectors and mathematical operations. Static Particles: Coplanar force on a particle, resultant of 121
forces, resolution of forces, conditions for the...

FAEN 102: Calculus I

Limits and Continuity of a function of a single variable. Differentiation: Rules of differentiation, 
chain rule and parametric differentiation, differentiation of trigonometric functions and their 
inverses, exponential and logarithmic functions...

FAEN 101: Algebra

Concept of a function of a single variable, graphs of functions - linear, quadratic and higher degree 
polynomial functions, rational functions, inequalities in one and two variables, binomial theorem, 
circular measure, trigonometric functions,...