Welcome Message

The Biomedical Engineering at University of Ghana is the largest among others in the country and the first to offer graduate training. We have a pool of exceptionally talented students and our research Faculty are engaged in numerous interdisciplinary research projects that provide solutions to the healthcare needs of Ghana and Africa in general. We are unique due to our community engagement strategies whereby real problems affecting our people are solved through shared responsibilities. The Department offers courses that are carefully selected to provide the necessary skills to our students to be innovative and yet translational in their quest for solving healthcare problems.

In addition to providing quality teaching across a broader spectrum of disciplines, the Department also focuses on the following thematic areas with the intent to improve human health: 

·     Computational and Algorithm Development

·     Regenerative Engineering

·     Bioinstrumentation and Biophysics

·     Biomaterials and  Nanotechnologies 

·     Clinical Engineering and Hospital Design

Aside training undergraduate students, the Department started a graduate programme to train a critical pool of Biomedical Engineers. The list of our global partners is expanding and we welcome you to be part of the UG Biomedical Engineering family.

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