Objectives and Vision

The Department of Biomedical Engineering is a unique multidisciplinary engineering environment that focuses on producing graduates who apply scientific knowledge and engineering design principles to contribute usefully to society by developing biomedical technology needed for the upgrade and maintenance of the national healthcare system. The department brings together faculty from diverse disciplines that focus on teaching, scholarship and research, with a mission to engage the challenges of the healthcare problems facing us today. 


Why Biomedical Engineering in Ghana?

This century has witnessed the emergence of Biology as a core scientific discipline alongside Chemistry and Physics. This is primarily due to an explosion in the rate at which scientific and technological advances are being made worldwide. Indeed, technology is transforming our lives, no longer on a scale of decades but of years and even months. Although Ghana trains a good number of students in the Biological Sciences, the step has not yet been taken to build upon this valuable human resource by providing training in applied Biological Science and Biomedical technology.

As a result the Ghanaian healthcare system continues to depend on imported technology. National development cannot be completely addressed without a discussion of healthcare. Increased discussion of the current Ghanaian healthcare system has shown that there is much room for improvement and that steps must be taken to efficiently exploit the advances being worldwide in Biomedicine. Indeed, a highly qualified group of graduates can modify existing technology or develop new technologies, tailor-made for the Ghanaian healthcare system. The need for Biomedical engineers is, therefore greater than ever. 

To create an environment in which the students, faculty and staff thrive to be the best among public research universities in rational design and implementation of medical devices and application. Our mission is guided by understanding local medical problems and developing strategies to tackle these problems to improve human lives. This vision leads us to address specific challenges in Health:

The objectives of the curriculum are summarized below:

  • Provide solid fundamental knowledge in life sciences and engineering
  • Encourage creativity, self-learning and innovation (design of devices, components or processes that meet desired needs in Biology or Medicine)
  • Develop awareness of the wealth of possibilities available to Biomedical Engineering graduates
  • Prepare students for careers in post-graduate schools, Biomedical Engineering practice in industry and even opportunities unforeseen
  • Produce graduates for leadership roles in a rapidly-changing environment
  • Foster an appreciation of how economic, ethical, political and social factors affect the practice of Medicine and Biomedical Engineering
  • Produce individuals who can work well either independently or in a team.