SENG 105 Engineering Graphics


The course will cover: Introduction to Engineering Graphics; Sketch Tools (lines, arcs,
circle, rectangle, fillet, chamfer, sketch relations, smart dimension, pattern, mirror, offset
entity, trim, etc.); Parts Modeling Techniques (extrusion, revolve, sweep, loft, shell, hole
wizard, pattern, rib, mirror, fillet, chamfer, etc.); Detailed Part Drawing (Projection theory
and types: perspective, parallel, orthogonal, axonometric, isometric, dimetric, trimetric,
Multiview, line types and conventions, types of projection, sheet format: title block and
border line, scale, section view, detailed view, dimensioning and tolerancing: size and
geometry tolerancing (limit, unilateral, bilateral, general tolerance, etc.); Assembly Modeling
(standard mating and exploded views); Detailed Assembly Drawing (balloons, BOM,
exploded state, reference dimensioning).