FAEN 107: General Chemistry

Atomic Structure: The Schrödinger equation, quantum numbers, solution to the Schrödinger 
equation for one electron atom. Hund’s Rule, Pauli’s and Aufau principles. Periodic properties of 
elements: Overview of general features of S-block, P-block and D-block elements. 
Thermochemistry: Heat and energy, heat of formation, Hess Law, estimation of bond energies. 
Acids and Bases: pH, strengths of acids and bases, buffers, salts, electrolytic solutions solubility 
and solubility products concept. Oxidation: Reduction reactions, standard electrode potential, 
electrochemical cell, concentration dependence of electrode potential, electrochemical series, 
corrosion, prevention of corrosion, electrolysis, and Faraday’s laws.