PSYC 307: Developmental Psychology

PHYS 144: Electricity and Magnetism

Electric Charge and Electric Field: Electric charge, Conductors, insulators and induced charges, Coulomb's law, Electric field and Electric forces, Charge distributions, Electric dipoles
Gauss’ Law: Charge and electric flux, Gauss...

PHYS 143: Mechanics and Thermal Physics

Properties of Vectors: Geometrical representation, multiplication (dot product and cross product), the three-dimensional Cartesian co-ordinate system, Components of a vector, Direction Cosines, Linear Independence, Magnitude of a vector,...

PHYS 102: Practical Physics II

Basic Laboratory experiments to expose students to handling various measuring instruments and to data and error analysis.

PHYS 101:Practical Physics I

NUTR 408: Nutrition of Vulnerable Groups and in Emergency Situation (Prerequisites: NUTN 401, NUTN 403)

Study of the nutritional requirements in pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, adolescence and in the aged. Relationship between maternal diet and pregnancy outcome. Breast feeding, weaning, nutrition of premature infants Complementary feeding,...

NUTN 413: Food and Nutrition Advocacy

Definition of advocacy. Identifying policy issues; Selecting an advocacy objective; Researching audiences; Developing and delivering messages; Understanding the Decision-making process; Building alliances; making effective presentations; Funding for advocacy...

NUTN 412: Professional Development Seminar II

The course will include improving the communication skills of students within the scientific context and lay public on nutrition facts. Writing an educational feature and publishing in any of the local mass media for the general populace and writing...

NUTN 411: Human Growth and Development (Prerequisite: NUTN 401. 403)

Effects of nutrition on growth and development, regulatory growth mechanisms, measurement of growth, reference standards in growth measurement. Influence of nutrition on body composition. Estimation of human energy requirements; concepts of energy balance,...

NUTN 409: Methods in Nutrition Research II

Quality Control for laboratory and Field data collection: General principles, setting up a quality control chart for the laboratory. Using the chart to identify questionable data; monitoring field data quality. Data analysis using software (Access, Epi-Info,...