Iodine deficiency disorders (funded by IDRC, Canada and UNICEF)

  • This was a nation-wide survey on Iodine deficiency disorders in Ghana. Based on the results of this study a law was passed for the iodization of salt in Ghana (1995).

Bean/Cowpea-CRSP project

  • Collaborative study with Dept of Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia, Griffin Campus
  • Specific objective is to develop cowpea-based value added foods with high nutritive value preferred by consumers and food processors. The project has a strong capacity building component.
  • funded by USAID

Peanut-CRSP project in collaboration with University of Georgia, Griffin Campus

  • Collaborative study with Dept of Food Science and Technology, University of Georgia, Griffin Campus
  • funded by USAID

WHO-Multi-Center Growth Reference Study

  • Objective: To develop international Growth Charts for Assessing the Growth and Nutritional status of children worldwide. The study was carried out in six countries around the world: Brazil, Ghana, India, Norway, Oman and USA. This study has resulted in the release of the WHO Child Growth Standards which is now used all over the world.
  • Funded by WHO

RIING Project: Research To Improve Infant Nutrition and Growth

  • Funded by NIH in USA
  • This is a collaborative study involving the following universities Iowa State University, University of Connecticut and University of Ghana
  • Components of the project include: local capacity building through short training courses, Training of Ghanaian students to the doctoral level. Research component that focuses on optimal nutrition for children.

ENAM Project: Enhancing child Nutrition through Animal source food Management

  • Funded by USAID through the Global Livestock CRSP
  • It is a collaborative study involving the University of Ghana (Departments of Nutrition and Food Science, Animal Science and Agricultural Extension) and Iowa State University.
  • The objective is to enhance child nutrition by increasing access to and use of animal source foods in feeding children.


  • Food Safety and Nutrition Training Project
  • Safe Food Fair Food Project
  • EU/Cocoa Starter Project
  • INF-Ajinomoto/ Lysine Project