Objectives and Vision

The Department's mission is to provide academic leadership in the earth sciences; its goals are to:

  • Provide an effective undergraduate and graduate training programmes that prepare students for successful careers in science, education, technology and public service;
  • Deliver innovative, excellent instructions at the undergraduate and graduate levels;
  • Conduct high quality scientific research and effectively communicate results, through publication, to both academic and public audiences;
  • Extend technical assistance to state, public and private organizations.


The Department of Earth Science has programmes at the undergraduate and graduate levels in Geology, Geophysics, Hydrogeology, Engineering Geology, and Petroleum Geosciences. There are currently 383 students enrolled on various programmes in the department. This comprises 88 graduate students and 295 undergraduate students. The graduate students comprise 9 PhD students and 79 MSc/MPhil students. Four of the PhD students are supported on full scholarship by an active research project which is funded by the Danish International Development Agency, DANIDA.

The teaching faculty comprises a total of 21 full time staff comprising 2 Professors, 6 Associate Professors, 5 Senior Lecturers, 4 Lecturers, and 4 Assistant Lecturers.