Congratulations to Dr. Kpoglu on his post-doctoral fellowship

The Department of French wishes to congratulate Dr Promise Dodzi Kpoglu, a lecturer in the French department of the University of Ghana, on his post-doctoral fellowship at Laboratoire STL Université de Lille in France, under the auspices of BANGA Africa. Dr Kpoglu’s interests lie in language documentation and description, typological linguistics, variation linguistics and French language studies. His current research focuses on Aspect in Linguistics.

I am interested in how people acquire aspect while learning a new language or a second language. Someone learning a third or fourth language is influenced by the aspect in their first, second or sometimes third languages. For example, In Ghana, a person’s first language is usually their local language (except in unique cases), their second is English and then they go on to learn a third or fourth one. I want to study Aspect acquired while studying a foreign language in a multilingual setting such as Ghana.

He has studied this area of French linguistics for a year and a half. Through teaching sessions with his students, he decided to dive deeper into why certain patterns of errors were made. That is how he developed the idea of pursuing a study in this field.

After completing his research on Aspect, he plans to move on to Tense or Modality in a bid to understand how students learn French. The avid lecturer and researcher hopes that pedagogists will take his research, apply it to the teaching process, and improve the way students learn French. For Dr Kpoglu, this is just the beginning of a bigger project as he desires to continue researching for the rest of his life.

We wish him the very best in his pursuits.

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