A certificate is awarded to a candidate who has been properly admitted to the University, discharged all obligations to the University and satisfactorily discharged all University Required Courses and Faculty and Departmental Requirements prescribed for the degree.

Collection of Certificates

Certificates are issued to students after their congregation ceremony.  

A student who does not attend the congregation ceremony may collect his/her certificate in person by following the steps below:

  • Print statement of Accounts and obtain financial clearance from the Students’ Accounts Office on the ground floor of the KAB Jones-Quartey Building;
  • Pay for the certificate at the University’s Cash Office
  • Submit receipt, statement of accounts and Student Identification Card at Room D8, Academic Affairs Directorate (AAD) and pick up your certificate.


Certified copies of Certificates

To obtain a certified copy,

  • Pay GH₵10.00 per copy at the University’s Cash Office.
  • Attach the receipt to the original certificate and the black and white photocopies to be certified.
  • Present the certificate at Room D8, AAD.
  • Present a valid identification card to pick up your certified copies, 48 hours after making the request.


Replacement of Certificates

The University does not replace lost certificates.

A former student who misplaces his/her certificate may apply for an ‘attestation letter’ in lieu of the certificate.


Former students who have copies of a lost certificate that they need certified should attach an original transcript to it for processing.