Attestation/Introductory Letters

Attestation letters are issued upon request by completed/continuing students to introduce them to an oganisation or institution. The letter indicates the status of the student and may also be issued in lieu of lost certificates.

Introductory letters are issued upon request by continuing students to introduce them to High Commissions/Embassies in Ghana.  

Steps for acquiring attestation/introductory letters:

  • Print statement of Accounts and obtain financial clearance from the Students’ Accounts Office on the ground floor of the KAB Jones-Quartey Building;
  • Pay GH₵10.00 per copy at the University’s Cash Office;
  • Submit receipt and statement of accounts at Academic Affiars DIrectorate room D2 for attestations and room D8 for introductory letters; and
  • Pick up your letter 48 hours after making the request from room D8 (after 2pm). 
  • Under the 48 hour regime, if a request for a transcript is placed on Friday, the transcript will be ready on the following Tuesday at 2pm.