Agoriwo Mary Wetani

Level 300
B.Sc. Physiotherapy

The financial aid that I received brought great relief to me and my parents.

Even though it did not cover all my fees, it went a long way to reduce the hassle and bustle associated with the payment of fees at the beginning of each academic year.

My SSNIT loan which hitherto was used in offsetting accumulated unpaid fees, was used in paying for accommodation and purchasing relevant course materials.

I have also been able to maintain a good level of academic success.

Anxiety and double mindedness which stemmed from worrying about consequences faced by defaulters has been reduced, enhancing concentration and absolute focus on studies.

Agorbotu Wise Kojo

As a recipient of the 2008/2009 financial aid award, I owe a great deal of gratitude to the
Students Financial Aid Office. The scholarship has helped me greatly, allowing me to concentrate on schoolwork without having to worry about finances.

I would not have gotten this far in my education without financial assistance.

I would have had to work several jobs, which are hard to find, to support myself through university.

Again, thank you for your support.

Ignatius Worgbeyi

I have had difficulty finding scholarships appropriate for me, since merit based awards of any kind are exceedingly rare.

I am grateful for the award that I received; it meant a great deal to me and countless other beneficiaries of financial aid.

Money which hitherto was used in paying fees became available for the purchase of books, handouts and other basic items which I couldn’t previously afford.

For these benefits, I am delighted to have found the Students Financial Aid Office. 

Cudjoe Richard .N.

I appreciate the financial assistance that I received from the Students Financial Aid Office for three academic years.

Until then, my only source of funding was the student loan which was insufficient and arrived late in the semester.

Receiving this scholarship motivated me to maintain my grade point average and to complete my degree successfully.
I look forward to giving back to the community and to the other needy students in the near future.

Thank you for your confidence and willingness to help me achieve my goals. 

Mohammed Abdulsalam

The positive impacts of the previous financial aid awarded me cannot be overemphasized, as it has greatly helped to reduce my huge burden of meeting the high cost of tertiary education.

The scholarship was used to subsidize my tuition fees, making it possible for me to settle my residential fees, clinical fees, transportation and feeding expenses.

I value the University’s commitment to help students like me have equal access to tertiary education.

Akrasi-Gyapong Edward Nana

Level 300

I wish to thank the Students Financial Aid Office for selecting me to benefit from the scholarship scheme.
Your support has been essential in realizing my goal of graduating with a bachelor’s degree in English and History.

I used the aid I received to offset part of my huge debt which could have thrown me out of the corridors of the university for the second time because my only surviving parent could not pay my accumulated unpaid fees.

The aid was therefore timely, as it did not only provide the needed peace but also saved me from a possible second interruption of my academic programme.