The UG-SFA Abridged Application Process for New Applicants to Sponsored Scholarships

The scholarships generally awarded by the University of Ghana-Students Financial Aid Office continue to be need-based. The Sponsored Scholarships tend to have the added criteria of competition based on academic brilliance. A few donors however, are of the opinion that they would like to help students improve upon themselves at their own rate, as they may not have had the vital educational foundation.

Below is an abridged form of the application process for New Applicants:

Step 1. Initial Call For Application i.e. Advertisement:

The initial process starts by sending out a call for application. This notice states the directives in applying for the scholarship. The University’s internal systems are used to notify both students and other stakeholders. Students are given a minimum three months’ notice. Management is informed.

Step  2. Receiving Application Forms And Addressing Students Concerns:

Applicants’ application forms are accepted and scrutinised to check for the University’s advertised criteria. Applicants can be called to clarify documentations and their concerns related to the application process would be addressed.

Step 3. Data Entry

Students’ information is scrutinised and summarised. The first shortlist based on the advertised criteria is extracted.

Step 4. Scheduling Of Interview Dates.

Panel members are notified at least two weeks ahead of the interview date. Reminders are sent later on.

Step 5. Applicants Are Notified And Announcements Issued Out.

Applicants are divided and grouped according to the date set for the interview which is usually on the basis of first-come-first-served. The respective date and time for the interview are conveyed to the short-listed applicants. The University’s internal systems are used to notify them. Applicants who wish to change their interview dates are given the opportunity to do so within the dates scheduled for the interviews.

Step 6. The First interview:

During the day of the interview, applicants scheduled for that day are to be present. Those who are unable to attend are called and given the opportunity to reschedule within the interview dates. The panel makes a decision on each applicant based on need and then the donor’s specifications. Anyone with a conflict of interest about any candidate is to notify the panel. Successful applicants are notified for the second interview.

Step 7. The Second (Sponsor’s) Interview:

This panel is mainly a made up of two UG representatives and the Sponsor’s representative. They meet the shortlisted applicants for final selection. The selection criteria are agreed on by the panel in relation to the laid down procedures. The final short list for sponsorship is set.

Step 8. Approval Of Successful Applicant List And Printing Of Award Letters

The list of successful applicants is sent to the SFA Committee for approval. Then award letters are then prepared, payments to student accounts are effected and

Step 9. Successful Applicants

All successful applicants are sent messages of their success and to pick up their award letters. During the pick-up of their award letters, the students are told to submit appreciation letters and renewal of their application every academic year.

Sometimes unsuccessful applicants are informed.

Step 10. Appreciation letters 

Successful applicants are to submit appreciation letters through the office for the donor.