Welcome by Head of Department



Prof. Adote Anum

On behalf of our distinguished faculty, past and present, I am honored and delighted to welcome you to our great department – whether you are a prospective student exploring what psychology is about, a potential graduate student, a visitor, a University of Ghana community member, an alumnus or alumna. We are deeply grateful for your interest in our department. Our faculty, with an almost limitless breadth of academic and professional experience, offers our students a challenging and intellectually focused environment, using an experiential approach to teaching and learning.
The Department of Psychology within the School of Social Sciences in the University of Ghana was established in 1967 by its foundational Head of Department, Prof. Cyril E. Fiscian. Since then, the Department has been led by HCA Bulley, Prof. JY Opoku, Prof. SA Danquah, Dr. A. Afrifa, Dr. R. Akuamoah-Boateng, Prof. Charity S. Akotia, Prof. B. Amponsah, Prof. CC Mate-Kole, Prof. M. Asumeng and Prof. J. Osafo.
The Department of Psychology offers a range of undergraduate and graduate degrees. At the undergraduate level, we offer degrees in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and in the Bachelor of Sciences (BSc). For each of these, students have the option to do a major in psychology or a combined major in psychology.
At the graduate level, we offer both MPhil and PhD degrees. Our MPhil programs are in five focus areas: 1) clinical, 2) counseling, 3) developmental, 4) industrial and organizational, and 5) social and community psychology. Our PhD program is a nonspecific program. All graduate students are exposed to academic excellence delivered through theory, research and practice. Every graduate student will engage in a minimum of 500 hours of practical training. Doctoral students take part in a yearlong experiential learning in industry, clinical practice, teaching, and research. In the coming academic year (2024/2025), we are hoping to start new graduate level programs in Managerial Psychology, Forensic Psychology, Applied Social Psychology, and Counseling Psychology. These programs are specially designed with a practice/industry focus.
Being one of the largest departments in the university, we are at the forefront of teaching and research in the university. Our faculty are committed to teaching, research, publication, and (professional and lay) community service. Some of our faculty are leading researchers in Africa and globally acknowledged in adolescent and young adult mental health, ageing, self-harm and suicide prevention, forgiveness and mental health, and the social psychology of health and illness. Many of our faculty aspire to contribute creative and innovative solutions to address societal (mental health) problems and to foster positive working relationships with community members. I encourage you to visit the profiles of our faculty.
Our goals for the next few years are to expand the research profile of our faculty and to improve our financial strength to enable us initiate independent capital and infrastructural projects.
We thank you once again for your interest in psychology. It is my firm hope that you will find your time here meaningfully rewarding, both during your enrollment with us and,
retrospectively, as an alumnus or alumna entering the world of work or continuing to pursue your academic training goals (in this university or elsewhere).

Prof Adote Anum

(Head of Department)

Email: aanum@ug.edu.gh