Boards and Committees

Public Affairs services a number of Statutory Boards and Committees of the University. These include:

Residence Board

This is the Board responsible for keeping the Hall system under review, as well as making adequate provision for the supervision and welfare of the student body. It is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic and Student Affairs. Membership of the Board includes, Hall Masters/Warden, Hall Tutors, Managers of private hostels, SRC and GRASAG Presidents, JCR Presidents, the Dean of Student Affairs and the Director of University Health Services.

Chaplaincy Board

The Chaplaincy Board is responsible for advising on religious activities in the University. It is made up of representatives from the academic Board, a representative from each recognized religious denomination as well as representatives from the SRC, GRASAG, UTAG, GAUA, FUSSAG and TEWU.

Management Board of Radio Univers

The Board has the mandate of developing, determining and advising the Vice-Chancellor on policies for the regulation and management of the station. The Dean of Student Affairs, Director of Public Affairs, representatives from the School of Communication Studies, Law Faculty, FUSSAG, TEWU, SRC and GRASAG form the membership of the Board.

The Director of Public Affairs sits in attendance on a number of other Statutory Boards and Committees. The Directorate is also called upon occasionally to service Adhoc committees and sub-committees.