Alumni Affairs Unit

The Alumni Affairs Unit is a semi-autonomous unit under the Public Affairs Directorate. Its primary role is to facilitate the relationship between the University and its alumni, specifically through the Alumni Association.

The Alumni Affairs Unit’s mission is to facilitate the continued interaction of alumni with the institution in the interest of sustaining the university’s ability to develop and maintain a commitment to excellence.

Its vision is to attract and hold the interest of alumni by offering services that stimulate interaction, offer support mechanisms for alumni networking, adding value to their lives while strengthening bonds with the university that results in a life-long relationship.

The functions of the Unit are:

  • Information/Communication

    Alumni News

    Alumni Magazine

  • Membership Drive/Registration
  • Coordinating Alumni -sponsored Projects

    Jubilee Hall

    Alumni Centre

  • Coordinating Alumni Programmes & Activities

    Alumni Week

    Alumni Homecoming/Networking

    Alumni Lecture

    Open Forum with Final Year Students

  • Fundraising

    Vice-Chancellor’s Dinner Meetings

    Merchandise: Souvenir items