Public Relations Unit

Media Relations & Publicity

The Directorate as the primary contact between the University and the media, provides strategic guidance on on-going basis and executes as far as possible, the day-to-day publicity efforts on behalf of the University.

In order that the University’s side of issues is presented in an accurate and orderly fashion, the Unit disseminates press releases, creates the required media platform, as well as identifies and coordinates speaking opportunities for officials. Occasionally media dialogues on particular themes are organised to catch up on the state of the university.

A news team comprising of Reporters cover programmes on and off-Campus to report on such events to internal and external publics.

Scholarly Lectures:

The Unit is responsible for the organisation of scholarly lectures. These lectures include:

  • Interfaculty lectures Each academic year, the Unit draws up a schedule, by which academic staff in respective faculties deliver lectures on topics in their various fields of expertise.
  • Inaugural lectures Professors who have attained Full Professorship are required to deliver inaugural lectures. Just like interfaculty lectures, the unit draws up a schedule and lecturers sign up to provided dates.
  • Aggrey-Fraser-Guggisberg memorial lectures. This is the most prestigious lecture series in the University. It is often delivered by persons who have distinguished themselves in their fields of endeavor, both nationally and internationally
  • Alumni lecturesThe Unit works with the Alumni Affairs Unit to organize the Alumni lectures. Speakers are mostly distinguished Alumni of the University.
Event Organisation & Management

Public Affairs is largely responsible for the organisation of University events and functions. These include:

  • Matriculation Ceremonies
  • Congregation Ceremonies
  • Inter-Faculty Lectures
  • Inaugural Lectures
  • Special/Occasional Public Lectures
  • Aggrey-Fraser-Guggisberg Memorial Lectures
  • Alumni Lectures
  • Commissioning/Inauguration Ceremonies
  • Special Functions
  • Presentation Ceremonies
  • Social Functions
  • Media Events

Public Affairs handles other logistical arrangements covering events, i.e. contact with rental companies for chairs, canopies, marquees, dais, floral décor, etc. We also give advice on audiovisual needs, such as Public Address system, hire of conference facilities, etc.

Internal Mail Office:

The Office receives and forwards letters and all other correspondence as appropriate and necessary. It ensures the smooth flow of the University’s internal and external mail delivery system