Materials technology development through engineering science continues to make startling changes in our lives in the 21st century. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE), a foundation member of the School of Engineering, trains students in the field of materials science and engineering. There is an abundance of natural resources in Ghana yet to be exploited on commercial scale. Good examples are clays, bauxite and other natural materials. It is the wish of the Department to produce materials engineers with entrepreneurial skills to turn these materials into useful industrial and domestic items.

The programme has been designed to offer three options (ceramics, metals and polymers) after a common programme taken in the six out of eight semesters. The specific goals are such that
after going through the programme students should have had a solid background in the fundamental areas of MSE (structure-property relationship, processing, behaviour and performance and characteristics. structural and non-structural materials, thermodynamics and kinetics, materials characterization and materials selection and processing, phase diagrams, crystallography, defects) before the specialization.

A1    1 - Excellent
B2    2 - Very Good
B3   3 - Good
C4  4 - Credit
C5  5 - Credit
C6  6 - Credit
D7  7 - Pass
E8  8 - Pass
F9  9 - Fail

A  1 - Excellent
B  2 - Very Good
C  3 - Good
D  4 - Credit
E  5 - Pass
F  6- Fail

Entry requirements:

   Core: Credit passes in English, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science & Social Studies

   Electives: Credit passes in any three of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Elective Mathematics, with at least a B3 in Elective Mathematics

Cut Off Point - 24

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