AMRS –UG Chapter holds NOVATO Dinner

The African Materials Research Society, University of Ghana Chapter organized its maiden annual dinner on the 29th May, 2018. It was with great anticipation that the members and invitees arrived at the venue, the Prestigious GS Plaza Hotel in Accra, Ghana. Being the first of its kind, the research society had only been launched earlier in March 2018 and organising an end of year dinner event had therefore called for so much planning, advertisement and preparation over the preceding two months only. Considering the huge attendance including the Patron, Dr. Benjamin Agyei-Tuffour, and Reverend Selassie Gbogbo, who is also a graduate student and the Educational Outreach Coordinator for the AMRS-UG. It was obvious that the hustle and bustle had definitely paid-off.
Looking splendid in their formal outfits (more like movie stars at a red carpet event), they undoubtedly dismissed the myth about materials engineers being “Nerds with a little sense of socialisation”. One arrival was followed by another and before long, the evening was launched with a word of prayer and an appetiser was served while a variety of games were on going. It was interesting how much we still had to do and talk about even when we were not talking engineering.
After a couple of meals and drinks, we got down to business as Dr. Benjamin Agyei-Tuffour addressed the participants. He congratulated the executives and members for the great work done so far, recognizing their efforts in pioneering this course. He also challenged the members on the need to raise awareness on Materials Science and Engineering education among the senior high school students across the country. He also encouraged them to adopt innovative funding mechanisms to support the programmes of the chapter since the research society was still a baby. He added again that the AMRS-UG as a platform is capable of creating great academic and internship opportunities for students and impactful research outputs for the faculty of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. In concluding, the patron encouraged all present to be proud ambassadors of AMRS-UG in all that they do keeping our core values in mind

The evening did not end on that serious note however, as the main course and brief speech were succeeded by light refreshment as some guests danced while others chatted over drinks and/or dessert. Despite the load of progress still ahead to be made, it could be said with certainty that the 2018 AMRS-UG year and the maiden dinner event had been a great success surely not without hard work from a dedicated and determined team made up of some students, faculty and alumni of the University of Ghana’s Department of Materials Science and Engineering. We anxiously look forward to next dinner event a year by this time.