Head of Department's Message

Welcome to the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, where a team of dedicated minds come together through cutting edge basic research under, a problem-based organized learning that is linked to industry.
We appreciate your interest in the Department and look forward to engaging you in a world of learning experience.
The Department is one of the five Departments under the school of engineering sciences which was established in 2004. Stimulated by major needs and challenges in science and engineering in Ghana, the ambition of the Department of Materials Science & Engineering is to foster a creative environment for academic research, learning and outreach
The School will provide leadership and support for instructional improvement. Our services and events will enrich campus resources for teaching and learning, promote effective teaching and assessment strategies, and facilitate discourse on teaching innovation and improvement.
The role materials play in global and national economics and security is, today, so important that governments list the materials they see as “critical” and seek to assure access and to identify substitutes or alternatives should their supply chain be disrupted. For these (and many other) reasons, the education of materials-literate engineers and of informed and innovative materials engineers is essential for economic transformation and national development.
Therefore, we at the Department, strive to address a wide range of experimental, computational, and methodological challenges, from fundamental basic materials research, through the development of new materials to direct industrial projects generating new inventions. We have a strong learning commitment which is problem-based on all levels from undergraduate to PhD studies where Materials Science meets engineering.
You are welcome again, and why not take your career into the world of materials science & engineering and bring out the best in you.
Prof. Abu Yaya 
Head of Department
Materials Science and Engineering
Tel. +233541835311