Akwaaba! Welcome to the Human Resources and Organisational Development Directorate webpage! The University of Ghana has a mission to develop world-class human resources and capabilities to meet national development needs and global challenges through quality teaching, learning, research and knowledge dissemination. The core business of the University of Ghana, i.e.,teaching, research and extension needs to be carried out by well-qualified and highly skilled people with support from other professionals and other staff who are equally well-qualified and highly skilled.

The primary objective of the HRODD web page is to provide the Human Resource information that employees of this University require to enable them access and take advantage of Human Resource systems and processes.

The second objective is to de-mystify Human Resource and Organisational Development systems and processes by making the necessary documents available at a click of a button. Finally, the webpage should bring HR and OD systems into the open and allow constructive criticism that should help move the Directorate forward.

Information currently available will be updated continuously. HRODD, therefore, welcomes suggestions, comments and indeed criticisms to enable us build upon this modest beginning.


Yvonne Ayerki Lamptey
Ag. Director