The Dean of Student Affairs launches 'Students First' initiative.

The ‘Students First’ initiative which was proposed at the January 2018 Student Leaders Seminar was duly launched on Wednesday 4th April, 2018. The Dean of Students Affairs, Prof. Francis K. E. Nunoo together with the staff of the office of the Dean of Students Affairs were cladded in office branded polo shirt with inscription ‘Students First, Nurturing responsible students for the World’.

Staff of the office went round various units of the main campus to sensitise staff and students on the need to have a student centred approach to issues on the University campus.  The Dean also granted an interview with the Radio Univers.

This on-going campaign will be sustained with various activities for the next two years.  The vision for the office is to “Create a conducive environment to empower students to be global citizens while enhancing the overall students learning experience in the University”.