The Creative Futures Exchange project will employ hybrid learning and Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) approaches to design and deliver four themed online workshops with associated digital collaborations between January and June 2022. Each workshop will include guest facilitators associated with the University of Southampton and the University of Ghana who will create audio-visual materials to prompt discussion and participate in discussions.

1. Civic roles and relationships (with Dr Emeka Umejei and Dr Estrella Sendra)
Explores spaces and places of creativity, including why and how creative businesses and practitioners locate in a particular place and create relationships with local communities, government and other businesses.
2. Sustainable business models and practices (with Eyram Tawiah and Dr Chris Buckingham)
Explores some of the transformations in how creative business and practitioners can start-up and generate sustainable income.
3. Platforms and technologies (with Eyram Tawiah and Dr Brian Hracs)
Explores the impact of digital platforms and technologies on how creative business and practitioners create new content, products and services and engage with their audiences and consumers.
4. Equality, diversity and inclusion (with Dr Abena Yeboah-Benin and Dr Shelley Cobb)
Explores issues of access and representation for creative business and practitioners through an intersectional approach (including race, gender, disability and sexual orientation).
Materials from the workshops and digital collaborations will be shared here following each workshop.
Please see the Participating page for more information on dates and registering to participate.
The Resources and Reports page will include further information, evaluation and reflections on the different approaches to internationalisation, COIL and creative industries pedagogies engaged with during the planning and design of the workshops.