Protocol Unit

This Unit handles matters concerning overseas travel of both members of the University Community as well as receives official visitors.The Unit collaborates with the Public Relations Unit to arrange and organise logistics for University functions, as well as deal with matters of hospitality.

Passages Office

The Passages office performs the following tasks:

  • Making official travel arrangements, eg. Planning itineraries & ticketing
  • Assisting staff to acquire/renew travelling documents
  • Acquisition/Renewal of Alien’s Registration and Work Permits
  • Visa acquisition for official travels
Terminal Arrangements

The Protocol Unit also facilitates the fulfillment of the obligations of the University on the occasion of:

  • Retirement (Certificates, Send-off receptions)
  • Death (Announcing funeral arrangements, Facilitating refund of coffin costs, Arranging for hearse, facilitating payment of benefits to family members)
Receiving Official Guests

The Unit receives official guests of the University and sometimes organizes events at which the guests perform special functions.