Documentation & Information Unit

The Directorate is the store-house for University Publications. These range from official gazettes, which record appointments made, terminations and other administrative changes, to proceedings of statutory events on the university calendar (e.g. Matriculation and Congregation), mandatory and non-mandatory publications.

  • Vice-Chancellor’s Annual Report

    This is a statutory requirement, which is a presentation of the state of the University.

  • Reporter

    The above publication reports appointments made terminations and other administrative changes.

  • Special Reporter

    The Special Reporter is a record of proceedings of important University statutory events on the university calendar. Some of these events include Matriculation, Congregation and Induction ceremonies.

  • Basic Statistics

    The Directorate works with the Institutional Research and Planning Office (IRPO) to publish this annual publication. While the IRPO provides the figures, Public Affairs works with printers to ensure the quality of the publication.

In addition to the above, the Directorate publishes in-house newsletters and magazines that report on University events and activities. They provide vital information and news to internal and external publics. These include:

  • Newsfile - a bi-monthly news letter
  • Campus Update - a quarterly magazine
  • Special Newsfile - a newsletter produced after very important University functions

The Directorate has also previously assisted in publishing Alumni News and the Legon Shelter.

Other Publications:
  • University calendar

    The unit has the responsibility of gathering photographs and selecting themes for the University calendar. The Unit works with the selected printing house through the process of editing and producing calendars for the subsequent year.

  • University diary

    The unit provides corporate information for placement in the diary and works with the selected printers.

  • Information/Publicity materials

    The unit produces brochures, flyers and information materials on various University functions. Some of these are done in-house, while others are sent to other printing houses. Typesetting is done in-house. The Unit also assists other units in the University to produce brochures, flyers and information materials, when they are organizing events.

Public Affairs organises photo coverage (still pictures and video recordings) of University programmes. These memories are catalogued for immediate and future reference.

Information Centre:

The Information Centre located right at the main entrance of the University is a major reception for the stream of visitors to the University. On a case by case basis, tours are organized for local and institutions outside Ghana upon requests. The facility is also a resource centre for accessing university publications. The Information Centre also serves as a service point for receiving prospective students’ applications, and assessing other student information.

Visitors can watch short documentaries and other university events at the reception.

Website Management:

The Unit is responsible for jointly managing the University website with the University of Ghana Computing Systems (UGCS). While the unit provides information for the website the UGCS is responsible for the technical aspect.